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Results To Expect
  •  Dramatic Weight Loss
  •  Massive Reduction In Stress
  •  Slow The Aging Process
  •   Increased Energy
  •  Greatly Improved Body Metabolism
  •  Anxiety Relief
  •  Amplified Attractive Vibe
  •  More Joy In Life
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• Why 17 Seconds?
You Will Be Amazed

• Understanding Your Comfort Body: Turning It Into Your New Ideal Body
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Mental Detox
• Learn How To Master the Mind:The Most Powerful Thing in the Universe & How To Clear It
• How To Harness Your Energy:
Learn To Live Balanced and Centered

• Road Map to Success:
Guaranteed if You Follow the System
|  STEP 2  |  
• Learn How To Understand The Emotional Field:  How To Tune into It for Maximum Gains

• Learn How To Eliminate Emotional Pain Bodies: Living Free

•Learn The Secret of 'How You Eat is More Important Than What You Eat'
|  STEP 3  |  
Physical Body Optimization
• Learn and Enjoy the Walking Workout: Easy, Efficient and Fun

• Learn the Importance of Fasting: The Fast Track to Weight Loss

• Learn How To Alkalize Your Body for Optimal Health

• Learn To Trust and Communicate with Your Body

• Learn How To Get Into and Stay in The Zone

• Learn To Overcome Energy Stagnation, Disease & Weight Gain


One day I saw this picture of me and I realized I wasn't applying my personal mastery in energetic wellness in my own life in the area of weight optimization. All I could think was, "THIS IS NOT ME."
In less than 3 months I lost 25lbs (which is much harder as we age.)  It was through this successful weight loss that I realized I wanted to share this with EVERYONE who's struggling to lose, gain or maintain their weight. 

Hello Friends!
Thank you for stopping by!  I'm Kevin, a.k.a 'Fitzy', an Energy Wellness Expert.  I traveled the world on a quest to understand and master life force energy from the world's leading experts like Don Miguel Ruiz/The Four Agreements and many others in Holistic Energy Manifestation.  After 15 years on this powerful journey, two published books, and an on-going teaching practice, I am excited to share with you: Vibrana Wellness & The 17 Second Diet™.
We're human, and have life lessons to learn that empower us to face the HARD STUFF, right?

Like you, I found myself at a place of personal struggle, and I did what we often find ourselves doing–I started to emotionally eat too much of my comfort food.   I neglected the proper balance of high vibrational nutrition and exercise in my life.  I literally became a 'couch potato' and, I felt stuck.  Seeing this picture made me feel embarrassed and I knew I needed to take action so I  started with my mind.
I'm thrilled to be sharing with you the 17 Second Diet, and its ABSOLUTE effectiveness so that YOU TOO can:
So, what's the ONE THING that makes the
17 SECOND DIET different than ALL other diets?
 'comfort' body into your new 'IDEAL' body 
By approaching weight loss with a
What is the 'comfort' body?
Do you have a track record with dieting and each time you successfully lose weight, you find yourself gaining it ALL back..right where you started?
If you look back over your life, this weight has kept you at your 'default' weight–it's that nagging 10 to 30 pounds OVER your 'ideal' weight. Well, THAT is your 'comfort' body.
It's where most of us get stuck and give up.  But, that doesn't have to be your story.  TODAY, you have the opportunity to change that for forever...with the 17 Second Diet.
It's EASY!
Designed to fit EACH PERSON's lifestyle...no ONE SIZE fits all!
Anyone can succeed at it, at any age and with any lifestyle.  You don't have to subscribe to a whole new way of living. 

No giving up your favorite foods!
How can this be?  The 17 Second Diet teaches you "it's not WHAT you eat but HOW you eat" that is the most important factor for optimal health.

Easy Nutritional Guidance!
The 17 Second Diet provides nutritional tips and advice on eating 'high-vibrational' foods vs. 'low vibrational' foods. You will learn how this difference leads to OPTIMAL health and prevents weight gain and ill health.  The 17 Second Diet teaches you that mental and emotional nutrition is just as important if not MORE IMPORTANT than nutrition for the body.

Ideally, you want to eat high vibrational foods with high vibrational awareness (which we will teach you in the lessons.) The good news is that the 17 Second Diet teaches you how to still enjoy  foods that you crave like (pizza or cake), while maintaining your 'ideal' weight with OPTIMAL health.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it really is achievable.

Exercise IS important!
The 17 Second Diet includes an exercise program that focuses on walking and "micro contractions" that gives you a full body workout as you stroll.  Movement is important, and no life is healthy without it.  You don't have to exert yourself and hate the process, just be committed to natural and healthy levels of movement, and walking is PERFECT!
Appetite Antidote
This book is a wonderful compliment to the 17 Second Diet. America is the second most obese nation on the planet behind Mexico. This book is a stepping stone to weight optimization.  It will give you secrets to curbing your appetite in a healthy way, PLUS great nutrition advice.
Yoga for Weight Loss
Yoga for men & women!  Yoga, if truly understood, helps you align (or yoke) with your Authentic Self.  Learn the secrets to true yoga, and how certain poses will help you lose weight, plus keep it off.  A great way to stretch and get your daily exercise in. The benefits of yoga are so extensive and still being discovered. ENJOY!!
YES! There is MORE!
"The 17 Second Diet literally saved my life. I feel FREE for the first time ever."
"Before I made the decision to lose the weight, I always felt helpless and defeated.  I tried many diets but always ended up in failure because of self-sabotage (my mental bodies). I couldn't keep the weight off, ever."

"My turning point was when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. The 17 Second Diet journey has been challenging however life-saving. NOW I can keep the weight off!"
"My self-confidence and self worth have skyrocketed, and I have become an inspiration to those close to me."
–Vanessa B.
WHAT is the science behind all of this?
ANSWER: Weight Optimization comes from 'happy cells.'
Your body is pure positive energy all the way down to the cellular level.  Your mental and emotional fields interconnect and embrace your physical body.  If you are constipated (contracted) in either field, your body will be as well.  The key to optimal cellular health and weight is getting into and staying in an energetic expanded state.

If you are expanded energetically then your cells can easily assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste efficiently.  Each cell has it's own "vibration or spin" and if it lowers as a result of stress or toxins in the body then the cell becomes vulnerable to distortion.  Cancer and all other diseases are distorted low vibe cells run amuck.

Energetically contracted cells enable metabolic diseases and this causes weight issues and obesity.  The 17 Second Diet focuses on releasing energetic weight (mental stress and emotional pain bodies) as well as physical weight, quickly and easily. This is what makes it such a unique system that works long term.

The KEY is, it takes 17 SECONDS to change the wiring in your brain to form new neural pathways. These NEW pathways expand you energetically and form the foundation of your new 'ideal' body in your mind.  

The vision (mental picture) of your 'ideal' body starts the imprinting process in your mind.  When you hold that vision in your mind with intent (for the minimum thresh hold time of 17 seconds) CHANGE actually happens in your body and its metabolism, and your 'ideal' body begins to manifest.  The Key is to not self sabotage the process!  This is what we teach you.
Here's a RECAP of EVERYTHING you'll receive TODAY...a $450.00 value for only $47!
1) 3-Step System: 15 Training Videos

2) Diet Empowerment Workbook

3) Fast Track 30 Day Success Guide 

4) Green Smoothies Recipe eBook

5) Empowerment Affirmations Script

6) Benefits of Fasting Protocol

7) Exercise Program: Micro-Contractions Walking Guide

8) Exclusive Facebook Forum Participation

9) Two eBooks Bonus Gifts
     • Appetite Antidote
     • Yoga For Weight Loss

10) Mental & Emotional Clearing Exercises

11) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!
Start living your life with the abundance of wellbeing that you deserve right now.
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Change cannot happen until you make a decision. When the weight comes off mentally, emotionally & physically, your LIFE TRANSFORMS and the REAL you blossoms. 

There is no better feeling in the world, and it is PRICELESS!

Join me on this journey. 
We Got This!

 Energy Wellness Expert 
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